The Organizing Committee for the Canadian Language Museum was formed on May 29, 2011 at the annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association. Please see our draft Mission Statement below.

Mission Statement

Language is central to the cultural identity of every Canadian and has been integral in shaping Canada's development. Few countries can match Canada's rich and varied language heritage, which includes the official languages of French and English and their regional dialects, aboriginal languages from coast to coast and the many languages brought to this country by more recent immigrants.

The Canadian Language Museum will:

  • promote an appreciation and understanding of all of the languages spoken in Canada and of their role in the development of this nation.
  • initiate and support the collection and dissemination of information about the constantly changing linguistic landscape of this country.
  • introduce the public to the scientific study of language and to current language research in Canada.
  • encourage communication between groups across the country that are concerned with language.
  • facilitate dialogue on fundamental language issues that are at the heart of the future of Canadian society, such as bilingualism, multilingualism, language endangerment, preservation and revitalization.
You can contact us at langmuse@chass.utoronto.ca.