Yiddish Spring


“Komets-alef: o! Back to School at the Yiddish Kheyder” offers a fresh and fun take on the traditional kheyder of old. This exhibition, created by Miriam Borden, invites you to explore some of the basic skills you will need to engage with Yiddish: how to read it, how to write it, how to speak it, and how to identify what it looks and sounds like.

Komets-alef: o! Back to School at the Yiddish Kheyder booklet

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In addition, Berlin-based composer Paul Brody created "The Music of Yiddish Curses and Blessings": an exciting sound installation for the CLM based on the voice-melodies of eight Toronto Yiddish speakers. Well-known European and Canadian klezmer musicians are contributing responses to the piece.

In collaboration with Ashkenaz Festival.

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